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Castagnole di Carnevale, a Delicious Mardi Gras Dessert!

CASTAGNOLE DI CARNEVALE | ITALIAN PASTRIES - #1 | Food, Dog food recipes, Lemon drop cookies

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Castagnole (Italian Carnival Fritters)

'Castagnole,' a Typical Carnival Sweet |Da Bruno | Marbella | Italian Restaurant

A traditional fried pastry served during Carnivale.

Typical fried sweets in the period of carnival, the Italian Castagnole are made of a dough, then fried and made rolled on caster sugar.

castagnole in a bowl and 2 in a sugar dish

Castagnole (Italian Carnival Fritters)-filled with Duo Penotti Hazelnut & Vanilla spread #ad

Ricetta per preparare in casa le castagnole di Carnevale a base di ricotta e fritte.

Castagnole di ricotta

Castagnole: Italian little sweet fried balls for Carnevale

Castagnole and Frappe: Rome's Carnival Treats

Castagnole recipe

Castagnole di carnevale di zia Elena by elenuccia75 - Pagina 1. Italian DesertMama CookingItalian PastriesItalian CookingRicottaSoraFood ...

These perfect sweets. Italian Castagnole. upclose castagnole fried

Castagnole di Carnevale

Reconnecting with my extended family in Italy and documenting old photos along with their untold stories, and of course their related traditional recipes ...

Italian food recipes · Castagnole di ricotta


This seasonal delight is easy to make, and will easily please.

Venetian favette (castagnole)

tortelli di Carnevale - made in Italy to celebrate Carnevale before Lent - from the Lombardy reigon.

ricetta castagnole al mascarpone morbide e golose, ricetta di carnevale per delle castagnole morbidissime aggiungendo nell'impasto il mascarpone

Castagnole ripiene di crema pasticcera: piccole delizie di Carnevale, fritte e farcite, da gustare una dopo l'altra. [Italian Carnival sweet and fried balls ...

Carnival Recipe: Castagnole di Ricotta (Ricotta Donuts. Quick MealsRicotta Italian ...


Carnival Castagnole

castagnole balls in a white bowl

Castagnole. traditional Italian Carnival Pastry. Italy.

Castagnole (Italian Fried Dough Balls with Sugar) | Grandbaby Cakes

The Carnival season is nearly over, but it's always a good time to Castagnole: Italian Ricotta Fritters! Castagnole are fried doughnuts that are available ...

castagnole dough balls ready to be fried

It is Time for Castagnole. Yes, it is Carnival!


Castagnole carnival sweets

Castagnole (Italian Carnival fritters)

Castagnole di Carnevale

Castagnole alla ricotta, ricetta di Carnevale

Castagnole - typical Carnival sweets from Italy

castagnole of italian carnival - Stock Image

Castagnole (Italian Carnival Fritters)-stuffing

Castagnole (Italian Carnival Fritters)-topview

And so for a few weeks a year, you will begin to see frappe and castagnole appear behind the glass of the city's pasticcerie (pastry shops) and bakeries.

Cecamarini ciociari, castagnole Carnival Food, Beignets, Cookie Desserts, Frittata, Doughnuts,

Typical italian dessert of carnival - Castagnole - Typical italian dessert of carnival - Stock Image

Italian Castagnole

Castagnole di carnevale | Sfingi | Food, Italian Desserts, Italian Recipes

Castagnole morbidissime


Today is the last day of Carnevale–Martedì Grasso. It's the last day to indulge in food and sweets before the start of Lent, a season of fasting and ...

Castagnole by Kristina Gill | Tasting Rome

Castagnole di Carnevale. castagnole

Castagnole close up

Castagnole, an Italian Carnival treat


On Carnival time, usually February, we're capable of frying everything and every single region has its own sweets and ...

castagnole fried in a white bowl

Typical italian dessert of carnival - Castagnole - Typical italian dessert of carnival - Stock Image

The classic version is a tiny bit like a cake donut hole, rolled in granulated sugar.

Castagnole (Italian Fried Dough Balls with Sugar) | Grandbaby Cakes

In February Italians indulge in frappe and castagnole. On the Roman coast, in the district of Ostia, there is a small bakery that opens only during the ...

The recipe for castagnole, a country-style Carnival sweet, is one of the oldest recipes in Italian cooking, mentioned in an eighteenth-century recipe in ...

Nutella Crostoli: Italian Carnival Pastries · Crostoli di Nutella

Recipe for Italian Carnival Castagnole

Castagnole di Carnevale

Italian carnival fried balls castagnole

Castagnole (Italian Carnival Fritters)-prep

Castagnole (sweet dough balls) a delicious Italian Carnival sweet recipe. These perfect sweets

Carnival Time is also time for Castagnole!! #venice #venicefood #venicedessert #frittelle #castagnole #venicerecipes #cookingclass ...

Italy, Lombardy, Castagnole Traditional Carnival Sweet with Powdered Sugar - Stock Image

Castagnole typical Italian carnival sweet - Stock Image

Delicious Italian donuts carnival Castagnole macro in a bowl. horizontal - Stock Image

Cinque cose che non sai su… le Castagnole. Da: Giuseppe Bianco

Castagnole typical and traditional Italian sweet of Carnival - Stock Image

Frittelle carnevale veneziane

Italian food for Carnival

Above, frappe made from long pieces of pasta dough and fried. Below, castagnole

frappe e castagnole di carnevale

Castagnole are a specialty of Carnevale and eaten across Italy during this period. Pastry shops

I make them much more often than that because they are so easy and made with 5 ingredients you usually already have!

Valzani frappe and castagnole

Castagnole typical and traditional Italian sweet of Carnival - Stock Image

Castagnole: Chestnut and Apple Fritters

Castagnole - Typical italian dessert of carnival. - Stock Image

castagnole sugar

RECIPE FROM: https://monicalaporta.com/2013/02/12/castagnole-di-carnevale -mardi-gras-a-la-italiana/

Golossary: Castagnole

It's the same with Italian fritters! There are so many and this time I'm sharing a recipe for the sweet little Castagnole from Friuli-Venezia Giulia region ...

In Italy, Carnival, that last blast of excess before the austerity of the Lenten season, is known for fried foods of all sorts, especially sweet ones.

It's Carnival. 🤡🎉🎊 . . . #castagnole #dessert #cremapasticcera #

Traditional Venetian Carnival food you should try

crostoli chiacchiere frappe sfrappole galani carnival sweet fritters italian